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Please quote the image number or copy the image "URL" if you have a questions regarding a specific image

A certificate of authenticity is included with each piece

Copyright 2020 Clas Kristensen. All rights reserved. No usage without prior written consent.

"60 Fishermen" (Limited to 30)

    "In Cod We Trust" (Limited to 30)

    Høtt (Limited to 10)

    "Mann Med Hatt" (Limited to 5)

    "It's All In Your Mind"

      "He Wore A Hat" (Limited to 10)

        "Liquid Serpent" (Limited To 5)

          "Colors Of Snow" (Limited to 15)

          Snowboard photos (Limited to 30)

          "Sanatorium" (Limited to 30)

          "Two Ghosts Of Last Friday" (Limited to 30) Size 30x45cm

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